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"I found Nijah on instagram one day last year. Several months before my wedding, I had to frantically find a makeup artist because my "friend" had cancelled on me months before my big day. So as I searched makeup artist of RI hashtag I stumbled upon Nijah. I immediately fell in love with her work. My first thought, she probably doesn't have anything available her work is so good she's probably booked. Yet I sent her a message and gave it a shot. Lucky me! She had availability for my wedding day. So I set up a trial. Her work was exactly what I expected and then some. Fast forward a few months later we had done a few more trials just because I was undecided on what look to go with. She was happy to do as many as I needed to make sure I was satisfied on my day. Now what I absolutely loved about Nijah was how amazing she was. Her beauty on the outside matched her beauty on the inside and then some. Her ability to make anyone who sits in her chair feel like they have known her forever and the ability to sit and relate no matter what the conversation may be. So I'm writing this testimonial not to express just what an incredible makeup artist she is, but that her personality matches her work. She is what the definition of an influencer should be. She shows love, respect in everything she does and with everyone she meets. I'm so happy to now call her a friend. I wish to see her succeed in all her dreams and wildest wishes."

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