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Can't decide on a makeup artist? Well let me help you "Makeup your mind".

Let me start off by saying,

Makeup can be beautiful, but you know what makes it beautiful? - YOU.

Plain and simple. The person behind the makeup deserves to feel like their best self on any given day. Whether its for a special occasion, or just hanging out with loved ones- YOU deserve to sit back, relax, and let all your thoughts out...while getting your makeup done.

That's where I come in,

Hi I'm Nijah and I'm here to make you feel like your best self! 

My love for makeup started off as a hobby, while pursuing my degree in psychology. Working in the mental health field can be draining, so naturally I needed an outlet. It wasn't until I realized that if makeup gave me the power to be creative and inspired me to have a way to express myself, then how could I use this hobby to help others?

Then BAM- My "Makeup Therapy" was born!!! 

ok maybe it didn't happen thaaat fast. It took many years of knowledge and experiences in the makeup industry that lead me to follow my dreams.

- if you really want to be technical.

From photoshoots to bridal & airbrush, to special effects, my skills in makeup are well rounded. If you're interested in learning more about me, please feel free to reach out using the booking tab.


Now lets get together for some makeup therapy<3

-Nijah Skye